Faculty's Current Research

The graduate program in Visual and Cultural Studies is an active research community. Here are some of the current research projects that the VCS faculty are working on or have recently completed.

Joel Burges

VCS Affiliated faculty, Joel Burges, is currently working on a project discussing the work of noted artist William Kentridge, who recently visited the University of Rochester as 2013 Distinguished Visitor in the Humanities. That project is entitled Out of Sync and Out of Work: Temporal Sensation in the Culture of Obsolescence, 1973-Present, which works at the nexus of economic history and aesthetic theory to situate Kentridge and other contemporary figures—Kevin Jerome Everson, Cherie Priest, Wes Anderson, China Miéville—in the political economy of time that has emerged over the past forty years.

Douglas Crimp

VCS Steering Committee member, Douglas Crimp, recently completed a book on Andy Warhol’s films, “Our Kind of Movie”: The Films of Andy Warhol published by the MIT Press. Discussing the book with Artforum.com, Douglas Crimp said, “I am as interested in the queerness of Warhol’s formal experimentation as I am in the queerness of the social world he represented—or rather I should say that, for me, a queer social world comes into view as a result of Warhol’s formal experimentation.”

Jason Middleton

VCS Steering Committee member, Jason Middleton, from the English Department is currently writing an article on Chris Marker’s Letter from Siberia and Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In addition to this project, he is also completing a book manuscript project, “Volatile Visions: Process and Decay in Film and Video.”

A. Joan Saab

VCS faculty, A. Joan Saab, another Steering Committee member, is working on a collaborative 3D architecture project, “Animating the Archives: Claude Bragdon and American Architecture,” with an interdisciplinary team of researchers from the University of Rochester. The project hopes to recreate Bragdon’s masterpiece, the Rochester train station, as a virtual, interactive 3-D model, layered with historical documents, letters, and video testimonials. It was recently covered in the local newspaper, Democrat & Chronicle.