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Student Organization Insider Tips


March 2015
After a few hiccups, CCC finally has a brand-new messaging system! Within your org's page, select "Roster", then "Messaging". You will see any messages sent through the new system - these are called "relays". Select "Create Relay" and follow the instructions to choose any combination of positions and individuals within your organization who will be in the relay (HINT: To reach everyone, select "Member" from the "Positions" list). Give the relay a title - this is NOT the email subject - and press "Generate". CCC will now provide you with a temporary relay address. If you send an email to this address, it will reach everyone you included in your relay.

February 2015
Every organization must eventually bid graduating seniors farewell, and observe changes in leadership. Student leaders are encouraged to keep contact with their alumni members and to learn from prior officers, but to also ensure accurate representation within CCC. As members leave your organization and leadership changes, make sure you update your roster.

On your organization's page, select "Roster". If you are currently an officer on CCC, you will be able to select "Manage Roster". Here, you will be able to select members for removal and edit positions held. Please ensure the roster and positions accurately reflect those of your organization.

January 2015
If you've ever visited, you've seen the nifty event bulletin board. Did you know you could add this same bulletin board to your own website? On the top right of the bulletin board, you can click "Add To Your Site" and copy the HTML code in the box that then appears. The code will appear wherever you paste it on your own website. It will behave exactly like the bulletin board on CCC, and even update on its own!


December 2014
Your roster is a reflection of the membership and leadership of your organization and it is important to keep this up to date. Officers of an organization should have an option to "Manage Roster" on the roster page of your org's site. Through "Manage Roster", membership will be broken into three statuses: "Current", "Pending", and "Prospective". "Pending" members have received - but have not yet accepted - an invitation. "Prospective" members have requested - but have not yet been granted - membership. Each member in the "Current" list should have an "Edit Positions" button where officer roles can be added. Remember to keep your roster updated!

November 2014
Did you know you could upload a profile picture to your CCC account? Give your fellow students a face to pair with your name! On the left side of the CCC homepage, you'll see an "Edit Profile" button. If you click this, you'll be taken to a page with your account information. In a box on the right of the page titled "Profile Picture", you'll find a "Change Picture" button. Click this, and browse your computer for a picture of YOU to represent your online profile.

October 2014
Did you know you could customize the look and feel of your CCC organization page by adding a unique banner? On the left navigation menu, you'll find the "Manage" tab. If you select "Organization Header Images", you will be able to add a new banner using the "Add Header Image" button and remove old banners using a header's associated red "x" button.

April 2014
Did you know that you can make your own newsletters? Click on 'News' on your Organizations page and then click on 'Create Article'. Once here you can fill out the Title, Summary and Body as you see fit. Once your newsletter is written you can then set the permissions on the article to restrict who can and cannot see the post. To notify your constituents of the newsletter, click on 'Roster' then 'Messaging'. From here you can send a message to inform your members that an article has been posted to the home page.

March 2014
Did you know that you can change the look and feel of your organization's page? Click on Manage on the navigation to the left, then click on either Organization styles or Organization Header Images. The Styles will allow you to change the type and color of text on your particular page, and the header image when changed, will appear at the top of your organizations page.

February 2014
Did you know that you can modify positions in your organization to have very specific access levels? On your organization's page, click on 'Roster', then 'Manage Positions'; once you are on the positions page, select one of the positions that you wish to modify. If you have internal positions that you don't need to advertise to the public you can un-check 'Show holders...'. To give specific access levels, check the 'Limited Access' button, and select the permission level for every section of your site. You can give 'Full' or 'View' access for each section like creating a New Event or for the Finance stages.

January 2014
Did you know that you can create forms that can be submitted and approved to your organization? These forms can be used for submissions of content or requests of the organization. In order to get started, go to your Organization's page and click on the 'Forms' button, then click 'Manage Forms', then 'Create Form'. The screen you see now contains the properties of the form, fill these out then click 'Save and Add Questions'. From here you can create your own custom form with the controls on the left. After creating the form, go back to 'Manage Forms' and click on the 'Publish' link next to the form you created. You can copy the link to wherever you may want to advertise the form. For more in-depth information please go to the CCC Home Page and click on 'Campus Links', then 'CCC Guide (PDF)'.


December 2013
Did you know that you can create your own polls on your organization's website? Click on Elections, and then Create Election. Fill out the fields, set a start/end time and decide if you want your poll (or election) to be available to the public or kept in your organization. After you hit save, click on Create Ballot, and give your poll/election a name, and then hit Save. From here you can use the fields on the left to create a form that a user will submit on their vote. After you create your form you can publish your poll by displaying an alert or copying the Election Link from the Publishing Options tab. For more details on the ballot creator or elections in general refer to the CCC Guide under Campus Links.

November 2013
Did you know that your student organization can manage and track service hours for your members? Go to your organization's page and click on 'Service Hours' in the navigation menu. From here you can record a new entry for a specific date and time, with a brief description of the service provided. By clicking on 'Manage Service Hours', you can approve or deny service hour requests submitted to you by your members.

Come out to the CCC training session on November 8th from 2pm to 3pm in the Gowen Room of Wilson Commons, many topics will be covered as well as a short question and answer session at the end.

October 2013
Did you know that you can change the look and feel of your organization's CCC Page? In order to do this, log into the CCC and click on the "Manage" button on your organizations page. From here you can click on "Organization Styles" or "Organization Header Images" to customize your page. You can change fonts, some colors and the image displayed across the top of your page.

September 2013
In order to get the most up-to-date information on events, be sure to log into the CCC to see the Event Flyer Board and while there check out news being posted by a variety of organizations by clicking on 'All News' under the flyer board. This will show you what student organizations are doing for the beginning of the semester.You should also visit the student organizations you belong to on CCC for information regarding your organizations! Be sure it is up to date

April 2013
Did you know that after you submit your event for registration, that you can easily check for updates or messages about that submission? After you log into the CCC, click on 'My Involvement' on the top bar, then click on 'Submissions' to follow the progress of any submission. Click on the magnifying glass on the row of the item you wish to review to be taken directly to your submission.
Whether it be a form, election or event registration, all are tracked in one easy location! This is especially important for those groups who need event approval from Event Support, Facilities, Security, the Sanitarian, and your advisor.

March 2013
Holding elections for your organization soon? CCC can host and process the election for you! To create an election click on 'Elections' on the left side of your group's CCC page. After saving the initial setup, you will be able to add ballots, set publishing options and view the results of the election all on the same page.


December 2012
After submitting an event, or a form to the CCC, sometimes further discussion about your submission is needed. There is an easy way to quickly access the discussions and respond to any inquiry.
After logging into the CCC click on the "My Involvement" link at the top of the screen. Then look for and select "My Submissions”. After selecting this, you will be brought to a page showing all of your submissions over time. For forms and registrations, click the magnifying glass to see the discussion board and form information, including the discussion board; for aevents, just click on the event name to see this information.

November 2012
Create a mailing list with similar functionality to the old CCC, the first step is to go to Roster and Manage Positions to create a position called "Mailing List #1" or a more specific position title like “Publicity Group”. Then you can assign any member to this position, along with their default position. Now you can go to Roster and Messaging to choose this special position 'group' and email your members the way you wish.
You can also communicate to your members by creating a newsletter as you did before, creating a News Article from the News tab for your organization. Create a new News Article and post the link to the News Post for only members to view.