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Event Registration

Event Registration Process

Purpose: The Event Registration Process helps student organizations plan safe and organized activities. It helps students request services and create successful events.


Do I need to register my event?

You will need to register your event if it fits any of the following criteria:

  • Any on campus event at which attendance will exceed 100 people.
  • Any on campus event that requires significant University resources, (e.g., services supplied by Facilities, Event Support, University Department of Public Safety). For example, concerts, speakers, etc.
  • If registration is required by the Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy Please see Standards of Student Conduct for more information.
    1. All on or off-campus events/functions that involve alcohol and meet one of the three criteria below must be registered through the event registration process or event notification form:
      1. More than 75 people are expected to be present at any one time, OR
      2. Use of a common container of alcohol or distilled spirits by a licensed third party vendor is requested. (Use of common containers of alcohol or distilled spirits, other than that by a licensed third party vendor, is prohibited at all events/functions.) OR
      3. The event is organized by University of Rochester students and is advertised or promoted to University of Rochester students in any manner, including advertisement and/or promotion through online social networks.
  • Any on or off campus event at which money will be collected (including but not limited to events with tickets, fundraisers, and raffles).
  • Any on campus conference hosted by a student group.
  • Any on campus event at which more than 20% of the audience and/or participants is expected to be non-U of R community members (conferences included).
  • Any on campus event that involves working with a non-U of R organization, such as co-sponsors or guests.

How do I register my event?


  • Schedule a meeting with your advisor to discuss your plan. Please refer to all of the policies regarding event registration linked at the top of the page.

After meeting with your advisor:

  • Submit your registration request through the CCC.
  • Based on the nature of your event, your advisor will add the necessary reviewers from various offices at the University that you will need to support the event (e.g. Event Support, Facilities, Public Safety). Any requests that will be asked of you will be made through the CCC. You will need to respond to these requests through the CCC.

After you have responded to all event reviewer requests, or, your submission has been reviewed by the Event Registration Review Committee:

  • Your event will be approved. 

At least 2 business days before the event:

  • If having an event with alcohol, pick up SWARM pinnies from UHS, and wristbands and attendance clickers from the Office of the Dean of Students
  • If Public Safety Officers are assigned to your event, check in with University Public Safety to discuss details of your event

When do I need to begin to register my event?

Event Reg

Service Provider Information

Event Support

Lynn Stork, Event Support Manager


Dave Butterbaugh, Special Events Manager

Kimberley Taylor, Service Coordinator

Public Safety

Dana Perrin, Asst. Director, RC/ESM Campuses

Mike Epping, Asst. Director, Patrol & Special Events

Sanitarian (EHS) Peter Castronovo, Senior Sanitarian
Douglass Joy Kimmel, Director of Douglass

Location Information:

Have questions about how to register your event? Contact your group advisor (the staff member from WCSA, FSA, RCCL, Residential Life or the Chapel who works with your group).



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