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Whenever you have an agreement between two parties to provide a service, function, or product, you should have a contract. Not only will this protect you and your organization, it will also aid in documenting a clear understanding of the agreement for both parties. Students are not permitted to enter into contracts or to sign contracts. Please speak with your primary advisor when a contract is or maybe needed for a program or event.

The following are some specific DOs and DON’Ts to keep in mind:


  • Do use the Standard Engagement Agreement available from your primary advisor 
  • Do use the official W-9 tax form available from your primary advisor
  • Do consult with your primary advisor prior to contacting a performer, agent, or vendor 
  • Do identify yourself as a student when speaking with an agent, performer, or vendor, and be clear that you do not have the authority to enter into a contract. Refer the person to whom you are speaking to your advisor for follow up 
  • Do use a contract for all paid and unpaid speakers, performers, musicians, DJs, artists, busi­nesses, caterers, vendors, and organizations with whom you make an agreement. This assures accurate understanding and fulfillment of expectations for both parties. 
  • Do obtain original signatures (both performer/agent and advisor) on the contract and W-9 as they are required in order to process payment


  • Don’t request a contract from a performer/agent. This could be constructed as legally binding and you or your organization could be responsible for this agreement
  • Don’t sign any contracts. Only a select few in the University of Rochester are allowed to sign the University of Rochester into a contractual agreement. You must work through your primary advisor to obtain those proper signatures
  • Don’t attempt to sponsor any event without a contract


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