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Whenever you have an agreement between two parties to provide a service, function, or product, you should have a contract. Not only will this protect you and your organization, it will also aid in documenting a clear understanding of the agreement for both parties. Students are not permitted to enter into contracts or to sign contracts. Please stop by 201 Wilson Commons and speak with your advisor anytime a contract is needed for a program or event.

The following are some specific DOs and DON’Ts to keep in mind:


  • Do use the Standard Engagement Agreement available from your advisor in Wilson Commons Student Activities 
  • Do use the official W-9 tax form available from your advisor in Wilson Commons Student Activi­ties 
  • Do consult with your advisor prior to contacting a performer, agent, or vendor 
  • Do identify yourself as a student when speaking with an agent, performer, or vendor, and be clear that you do not have the authority to enter into a contract. Refer the person to whom you are speaking to your advisor for follow up 
  • Do use a contract for all paid and unpaid speakers, performers, musicians, DJs, artists, busi­nesses, caterers, vendors, and organizations with whom you make an agreement. This assures accurate understanding and fulfillment of expectations for both parties. 
  • Do obtain original signatures (both performer/agent and advisor) on the contract and W-9 as they are required in order to process payment


  • Don’t request a contract from a performer/agent. This could be constructed as legally binding and you or your organization could be responsible for this agreement
  • Don’t sign any contracts. Only your advisor can enter your organization into an agreement and sign contracts
  • Don’t attempt to sponsor any event without a contract


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