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Event Planning


Fundraisers are a great way to raise money for your organization or your community. There are two distinct ways you can frundraise: 1) direct solicitation i.e. crowdfunding or newsletters/mailings and 2) Events i.e. benefit dinner, race, pie in face.  For direct solicitations you will want to first talk with your primary advsor about USEED and learn more here.  Regarding fundraising events they can be a lot of fun for all involved and will need an Event Registration to be completed. It is important to make fundraising a group effort and to get as many people involved as possible. The key to being successful in fundraising is to be creative and to keep your goal in mind. Make sure that the reason you are raising money is a legitimate cause, and let everyone know why you are raising funds. Planning for your event you need to speak with your advisor.

A Few Fundraising Ideas

The following are ideas for creative fundraising projects. This list just touches the surface of all the many projects available to raise money.

Hosting a tournament or conference

Hosting a tournament or conference has proven to be a great method of fundraising that not only raises money, but also awareness about your club. It does take significant advance planning and may initially require an investment. It you are considering implementing this strategy to raise funds for your organization discuss your ideas with your Primary Advisor first (before any reservations or outside communication). Keep in mind the deadlines for space reservations, parking, communication, holidays or other University events and how these things could impact the tournament or conference.

Car Bashes

A car bash is an event in which an old car from a junkyard is brought on campus. Participants take turns swinging a sledgehammer at the car, usually for a small donation. All proceeds for the event usually go to a charitable organization determined by the group sponsoring the car bash.

In addition to normal event procedures (e.g. reserving a location, using a Flex Wedge, advertising, etc.), the following safety precautions should be enacted:

Gambling Policy

In compliance with state and federal regulations, gambling is illegal and not permitted at the University of Rochester or among its student organizations. The following guidelines ensure compliance with these regulations:

Poker Policy