Wilson Commons Student Activities


Leadership Appreciation Dinner (Spring Semester)

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The Leadership Appreciation Dinner honors and recognizes student leaders and student organizations that have enriched the University of Rochester's community through their varied programs, publications, activities, and community service. Three awards will be given during the dinner 1) Alice DeSimone, 2) Ana Hubbard 3) Outstanding New Student Organization and 4) Student Organization Photo Contest. This year's Leadership Appreciation Dinner will be held on Thursday, January 14th, 2016 in the May Room. This event is invitation only and for organizations who are advised by Rochester Center for Community Leadership, Wilson Commons Student Activities, and Hall Councils from Residential Life. Attire is business casual.


Alice DeSimone Award

The Alice DeSimone Award is given each year in memory of Alice DeSimone, who served for seventeen years as an Administrative Assistant in the Office of the Dean of Students. This award is presented to students whose contributions to co-curricular life at the University have strengthened community spirit and involvement.

2016 Winners:Nominees need not be in high profile or formal positions of leadership to be considered. Instead, this award recognizes dedication, enthusiasm, collaboration, and positive role modeling as leadership traits that help promote and maintain a strong quality of life for all. This award can and will be given to more than one student of the junior, senior, or 5th year program (KEY or Take 5).

Ana Hubbard Award

2016 Winner: Jenny Joo Hee Yoon

The Ana Hubbard Award was established in 2009 by friends and family in memory of Ana Hubbard, class of 1999. Wilson Commons Student Activities presents the Ana Hubbard Award in recognition of a student whose participation in a student organization has improved their life, provided valuable skills and contributed to the vitality of their student organization and campus community. This award will be given to a member of the junior, senior, or 5th year program (Take 5 or KEY).

NEW! Outstanding New Student Organization Award

Awarded to an undergraduate, University-recognized student organization that has been around between 1-4 years and is advised by the Rochester Center for Community Leadership or Wilson Commons Student Activities.  This student organization is moving beyond the expectations of a startup organization. They demonstrate a long-lasting impact on the campus environment for all students.

All nominators (self-nominations accepted) need to provide is 3-5 sentences telling us what stands out about this organization.  Referencing outstanding collaboration, programming, productivity and how it aligns with their mission.

2016 Winner:

Society Of Crocheting & Knitting Students (SOCKS)

Student Organization Photo Contest

Winners 2016:

  1. Korean American Students' Association= Best Group Portrait - the selected photo best captures an organization's members in a thoughtful reflective moment.
  2. UR Bhangra= Best CCC Page - this prize is given to the organization that best utilizes the options on CCC to visually showcase their organization.
  3. Chinese Students' Association= Best Creative Group - the selected photo captures the vision and spirit of an organization in an inspired way.

Submit to the contest by RSVPing to the dinner. You can submit photos even though they don't fit into the photo contest categories. Photos submitted should showcase the spirit of your organization. Please do not submit blurry images.

Fall Leadership Training (Fall Semester)

Monday August 31st 2015, 6:45 - 10:00 pm, Georgen Atrium

We hope this evening will prove engaging and beneficial for the University of Rochester's 250+ student organizations. Our student organizations bring great richness, innovation, awareness, and energy to our campus. Student Organization Leaders that have primary advisors from Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, the Interfaith Chapel, the Rochester Center for Community Leadership, and Wilson Commons Student Activities are invited to attend the Fall Leadership Training on Monday, August 31st.

The training's mission is to provide student leaders a comprehensive, collaborative learning experience that they will benefit from and in turn strengthen their organization. The training is mandatory for the business manager and one other executive board member; however the whole executive board is invited to participate. It is it known that the more members that are informed the better the organization can operate. Our goal for this training is to provide you with a breadth of information, resources, and ideas about successful student organization leadership. Breakout sessions will be led by professional staff and experienced student leaders.

Breakout Session Learning Outcomes:

Campus Programmer

Participants in this session will:

  1. Learn the ins & outs of planning a successful program including event registration and assessment process
  2. Understand University guidelines of risk management, sanitary regulations and Insurance requirements
  3. Review and manage campus resources

Internal Relations

Participants in this session will:

  1. Understand best practices to establish a foundation for a healthy organization
  2. Analyze opportunities for improving internal dynamics
  3. Learn effective recruitment and motivation tools for members and officers
  4. Identify University Resources and other tools that can help a student organization be more successful

External Relations

Participants in this session will:

  1. Learn the how-to and benefits of creative collaborations and co-sponsorships
  2. Discover the ins and outs of donations and fundraisers
  3. Assess the importance of volunteerism and off-campus relationships

Business Manager

Participants in this session will:

  1. Learn the processes and procedures for proper financial management including new online tools
  2. Understand available resources including supplemental/conference requests, student accountant contact info and inventory management
  3. Gain strategies for being a successful executive board member by working with advisors and communicating effectively
Club Sports

Participants in this session will:

  1. Learn the processes and procedures for successful organization operations.
  2. Understand resources available for Club Sport teams.
  3. Gain strategies for being a successful executive board member by working with advisors and communicating effectively