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Discussion Groups

Student organization leaders have requested a space to gather and discuss current events, troubleshoot issues, find ways to collaborate, and learn additional best practices.

Discussion groups will meet monthly throughout the academic year. There are also discussion topics that are featured throughout the semester. These spaces provides time to network and learn from each other. The discussion groups and topics are facilitated by one professional staff member and a student leader.

Students who are in the Level 3 of the Medallion Leadership Society may take a leading role as part to fulfil their active status as long as they participate in one discussion group for an entire academic year.


Presidents’ Discussion Group
Each year the Presidents’ Roundtable at Fall and Mid-Year Leadership Training are the most attended and highest ranked. It is time to keep the conversation going. This discussion group provides time to network and learn from other Presidents. It will be facilitated by one professional staff member and a student leader, with a selected theme rotating from month to month.

The Presidents' discussion group meets the second Thursday of every month from 5:00-6:00pm in Wilson Commons 122. See below for upcoming topics.

Discussion Topics for Fall 2018

Thursday, September 13th
Creating an Inclusive Student Organization

There are many benefits to having an inclusive student organization one of which is welcoming more humans who care about the mission of your organization. This discussion topic will dive into a conversation on how to attract and retain a broad range of identity groups. Learn tips from your peers and the facilitators on what is successful and what is not. After this discussion think about carrying the conversation forward with your organization to analyze how you can be more inclusive.

Thursday, October 11th
Learning, Leadership, and Life: The Positive Impacts of Self-Efficacy 

When it comes to being a leader, one of the most important characteristics to have is self-efficacy: the confidence demonstrate skills you have learned. Through self-efficacy, you’ll find yourself growing vastly in your capacity and knowledge. This discussion group will provide you with a time to meet and discuss with other student leaders on how they view self-efficacy and why it’s important, along with tips and tricks on how to grow confidence not only in yourself, but in others as well.

Thursday, November 8th
Transitioning Executive Boards 

Through this discussion group, student leaders will discuss and learn how to effectively transition their executive boards to new leadership. Discussion topics will include the importance of transitioning, the pitfalls of bad transitions, and the ability to create a plan for transition.