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Medallion Program

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The Medallion Program aims to educate student leaders by providing opportunities for intentional learning, self-reflection, and skill development. Students enrolled in the Medallion Program will gain a strong sense of self-awareness, work effectively with others, and become civically and socially engaged.

Students from all majors, class levels, and degrees of leadership experience who wish to enhance their personal lives and the lives of others are welcome. The Medallion Program provides a balance between structure and creativity. Participants will need to meet specific requirements, but they also have the freedom to choose events and programs that meet their needs.

The program is divided into three different levels, each building on the last. A student can choose to complete all levels, some levels, or even just a few workshops. At any point students can move in and out of levels or choose to only take a few workshops. Those that complete all levels will be welcomed into the Medallion Leadership Society! 

For more information and to start your journey visit the program website.