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Adding a Person to the Directory


You want to add a new person, such as a new faculty member, to a directory page. If the person is a faculty member, you will also want to add that person's home page with a list of their publications and perhaps a link to their CV.


Background of the Format

In web sites for academic departments, the web pages for faculty, staff, and student directories are stored in the subfolders of the people folder. Each of these subfolders contains a separate folder for each person, as well as a specialized index page that is programmed to automatically display the directory. Inside each person's folder, there is another specialized index page that is programmed to automatically display that person's home page.

Each person's folder contains an assets folder, _content folder, and, if the person is a faculty member, it will also contain the specialized index page to display their standard home page. Inside the nested _content folder, you will see that person's content blocks. Inside the assets folder, you will see separate folders named "images" and "pdf."

The separate blocks for people information allow us to reuse this content in other web pages, but only edit it in one place.

To add new faculty:

  1. Select the "people" folder.
  2. Click on "New" in the blue, top menu bar, and select "Faculty Folder"
  3. Change the "System Name" to the person's name in the format, lastname_firstname
  4. Click "Submit"
  5. Once the new folder is created select the "_content" folder within it and fill in the information in all of the content blocks in that folder.
    Note: select the block named "lastname_firstname" and click the "Move/Rename" tab next to the "Edit" tab to rename it accordingly.
  6. Upload the faculty person's photo to their "images" folder within their "assets" folder. Their CV should go in the "pdf" folder.
  7. Go back to the lastname_firstname content block to add in the photo and CV. (Step  6 can also be done right after creating the new faculty folder to avoid going back and forth.)
  8. Once you have entered all of the content, you will need to publish both the folder for the new faculty person AND the "index" file of the "people" folder.

To add publications:

  1. Inside the "_content" folder for the person, select the block named "publications"
  2. Enter the information for the first publication in the WYSIWYG field
  3. To add another publication, click the plus (+) sign to insert a blank WYSIWYG section and enter the new information. Only one paper per WYSIWYG, so continue to click the + to add as many new publications as needed.

To add students or staff:

Follow the steps for adding new faculty, except select "Grad Student Folder" or "Staff Folder" in step 2.

For inactive faculty:

  1. Select the person's folder and click the "Publish" tab
  2. Select the "Unpublish" radio button and click "Submit"
  3. Select their "lastname_firstname" content block within their "_content" folder
  4. Click the "Edit" tab
  5. Select the "Inactive" radio button
  6. Scroll down and click "Submit"
  7. Publish the "index" file of the "people" folder

Note: If you do not wish to keep the person's content for future reference, you can skip steps 3-6 and just delete their folder using "Delete" under the "More" tab after unpublishing but you will still need to do step 7.