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Adding a New Event

To add a new event in your calendar, you must add a new event page in the folder that is set up for the month and year when the event starts. After you enter the content for this event page and Submit it, the event will also be automatically added to the calendar grid, event lists, and feeds that are in the WCMS. The final step is to publish these pages to the live website.

Step 1

In the panel at the left, select the folder where your event starts. Then click on the Plus icon (Add Content) in the top, and select Event

Screen shot

Step 2

Add your content to the event page by filling in the fields in the web form. Start in the top section by entering the name of your event in the Title field. Then select one or more Categories from the list below. You may also want to fill in the optional Summary field, because the text in this field will be used for the brief description in the event pop-up on the calendar grid.

Screen shot

Step 3

Continue adding content in the section labeled "Event."

Screen shot

Step 4

Submit this event page

Step 5

After adding a new event in your calendar, you must must publish all the pages where the event will appear. Publish the folder where you added the event, the base folder index page, the event listing page for the category of the new event, and the calendar grid page.

NOTE: If you are adding several events, it may be more efficient to wait until all the events have been added in the WCMS before you publish and then publish the entire calendar site.

To publish the entire site: select the base folder (which is named with the name of your site) then Publish and Submit.

See detailed publishing instructions »