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RSS and iCal

The calendar will also provide links to an RSS feed as well as an iCal feed. These special formats are published at the same time that you publish the regular web page that your visitors see, and they are for use by other tools and systems that you can use on your computer. Both of these formats provide your events in a format that is readable by programs like RSS readers or calendar applications, such as Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and Gmail.

Screen shot of feed links

The iCal and RSS links are below the sidebar menu on your site, and your visitors can subscribe by using these links. Since feeds are used to subscribe to a list of events and get updates delivered automatically to the reader program, these feed links are located only on the pages that display multiple events, such as the calendar grid and the event lists.

Subscribing in iCal

You can subscribe to a calendar feed in the iCal program on a Mac by copying the "Download as iCal" link address and pasting it in to your iCal program.

  1. Open the calendar in your browser and copy the address for the "Download as iCal" link (in most browsers, a right click on the link will bring up the option to copy it)
  2. Open the iCal program
  3. In the top menu bar, select "Calendar," and then select "Subscribe..."
  4. Paste the link address into the field labeled "Calendar URL" (see the screen shot below), and then click the "Subscribe" button

After clicking the Subscribe button, you'll see a dialog with options, including an option for "Auto-refresh" where you can select a time interval for updating your iCal with this URL.

Subscribe in iCal screen shot