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Inserting External Media

You can insert the following types of external media in the WYSIWYG field:

  • YouTube
  • HTML5 Audio
  • HTML5 Video
  • Flash
  • Quicktime
  • Iframe

The external media must be stored outside of the WCMS and accessible over the web. You will need to have either the media's sharing URL or the embed code provided by the web site where the media is stored.

If your external media is a video, please remember to add captions, so that it will comply with accessibility guidelines.

To Insert External Media

Step 1
Select a page, and click the Edit tab

Step 2
On the WYSIWYG toolbar, click the "Insert/Edit Embedded Media" button
Screen shot

Step 3
In the dialog, select the Type of embedded media that you are inserting. In this example, we selected "YouTube" for a video that we already stored in the YouTube web site.

Step 4
On the site where you stored your media, copy its sharing URL. Then, in Cascade, paste the URL into the dialog field labeled "File/URL." If the URL starts with "http://" change it to "https://" by adding the letter "s". Then click on the Insert button.
Screen shot

Note: If you do not have a URL for sharing, but you have embed code instead, then click on the tab labeled "Embed Code" in the dialog and paste the embed code into this field. Change "http://" to "https://, as described above.

Step 5
Click the Submit button. Note: Your embedded media may look like an empty yellow box while you are editing, but it will be displayed correctly when you Submit the page.

The video when the page is being edited:

Screen shot

The video displayed on the page after clicking the Submit button:

Screen shot