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Adding a News Story


You want to add a news story to your website in the WCMS.


Look in the New menu for a "Page with a News Story" item. If your site has this special News Story Page feature, you can use it to add information about a particular news item, and the content will be automatically formatted for your site.

The News Story Page feature has the following properties:

  1. You can either add the news story as a new page or link to a page in another website
  2. The headline and date of the story will automatically appear in a news index page in your site that displays a list of all the current news
  3. If you chose to add the story as an internal page, the first paragraph of the story will appear in the index page
  4. You can inactivate a news story without deleting it

Physics & Astronomy news index page at http://www.pas.rochester.edu/news-events/index.html
Optics news index page at http://www.optics.rochester.edu/news-events/index.html
CVS news index page at http://www.cvs.rochester.edu/news/index.php

To add a News Story Page:

  1. Click on New in the top navigation bar, and select Page with a News Story
  2. Add your content to the page by filling in the fields in the web form
    • In the Title field, type the title that you want to appear in the browser title bar for this page
    • This page will be "Active" by default, but you can select "Inactive" if you do not want the story to appear in the page that displays all the news headlines in your site
    • In the Headline field, type the headline for this news story.
    • Now you must choose whether you want to link to a news story in another website, or add this news story as a new page: If you want to link to a news story in another website, fill in the "External URL" field with the complete link. The link will be added to the headline in the page that displays all the news headlines in your site.
        Or if you want to add this news story as a new page, then type the content for your page in the WYSIWYG Content field. A link to this story will be added to its headline in the index page that displays all the news headlines, and the first paragraph of the content will be added below the headline. You must press the Return or Enter key at the end.
        • In some sites, you also have the option of adding a small Photo to your news story by linking to a photo that you already uploaded in the WCMS
      • Change the System Name (This name will be the name of the HTML file that the WCMS will create for you, and it will become part of the URL.)
        • Do not use the ".html" file name extension. (The correct extension will be added automatically when you publish the page.)
        • Do not use spaces in the name.
        • Do not use punctuation in the name.
        • Do not use capital letters in the name.
      • Click Submit
      • The new page will automatically appear in the appropriate "news" folder in your site
      • Publish this news story page
      • Publish the page named "index" inside the news folder where you created the news story page. This page will automatically show a list of the headlines and dates of all the active news stories in this folder. For any stories that you added as a new page (i.e. not a link to an external site), the first paragraph of the story will appear on this index page.
      • If your site has any other special features linked to the news stories, you may need to publish more. For example, the Hajim sites are designed with a special home page feature that displays the most recent news stories, so the site's home page must be re-published every time a new news story is added.

TIP: Your news story page will be saved in the WCMS after you click Submit, but it will not appear in your website until the page is published. In addition, you also need to publish the news index page that displays your news story headlines in a list.

news story form

Editing a news story in the WCMS.