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Publishing a Page


You edited a page that is already in the WCMS or you added a new page, and now you want your changes to appear on your website.


Your changes will be saved in the WCMS after you click Submit, but they will not appear in your website until the page is published.

When you publish a page, it will be uploaded directly to a public web server of the University of Rochester. Normally, the Destination for this server will have "www" in its name. If your site is still under development, then you may need to publish to a temporary development server that has the letters "dev" in its name.

Publishing a page:

  1. Open the page that you want to publish
  2. Click the Publish tab
  3. Select the Destination for the server where your page should appear
  4. Click Submit

After you click Submit, your page will be added to the Publisher queue. Depending on whether there are other pages that are already in the queue, your page may be uploaded right away or there may be a delay of several minutes. You can check the progress of your publishing job by viewing the Publisher queue.

To view the Publisher queue:

  1. Click on the first menu in the top navigation bar (Swirl Cascade logo with down arrows), and then select Publisher > Active Jobs
  2. Look for the name of the page that you published. If you do not see it under "Current Job" or "Queued Jobs" then your publishing job has finished.
  3. Open a new browser window and navigate to the page on your server to check it.

If the page did not show up where you expected to see it on your server, there may have been an error in your publishing job. You can check for publishing errors by viewing your Messages in the WCMS.

To view Messages:

  1. Click on Home in the top navigation bar
  2. In the Dashboard panel, click Messages
  3. Select the most recent "Publish..." message
  4. Errors will be highlighted as red text