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Improving your site with a stale content review

Stale Content Panel

As soon as you log in to your site on the updated WCMS, you'll see a new pie graph on your Dashboard labeled "Stale Content." You can use this new Stale Content panel to help with keeping the content of the pages on your web site up-to-date.

Screen shot

The pie graph labeled "Last Updated" shows you at a glance how many pages in your site have content that is old and may need to be reviewed. To find a list of these pages, click on "Stale Content" (either the link just above the pie graph, or on the tab. By default, this list shows all your pages that were last updated 120 or more days ago, but you can change the days by typing a new number (such as 30, 90, 120, or 360) in the field shown in the screen shot below.

Screen shot

How can this report help?

To keep your web pages up-to-date, you will need to regularly review the text content, the links, dates on the page, and the images. The oldest pages are the ones that are most likely to need a review, and the pages in this list are sorted with the oldest pages at the bottom. If you look at the column labeled "Last Updated," you'll see how long it's been since each page was edited. Scroll all the way down to the bottom, and you'll find the oldest pages, which are likely to be the ones to start on.

Each page is identified in the list by its title (the short phrase that is displayed in the browser tab) and the path to the folder where it's stored. Also, the page's title in this report is a link that will open the page inside the WCMS. In going through the pages, you may find some that can be deleted and unpublished, others that need to be updated, and a few pages that will never need to be modified. (Note: If you see pages that are stored inside the "asset factories" folder, they are just blank templates that are used to create new pages, so they do not need to be reviewed.)

Scheduling future reviews

After you finish reviewing your pages, you can set a date for their next review by using the  "Schedule Review" action button on the Stale Content report, at the far right of each page title. When you click on this action button for any of the pages in the list, you will see a dialog that you can use to set the next review date for the page, such as "1 month from now" or "1 year from now."

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After you set the review dates for your pages that will need to be reviewed regularly, then you can find a list of just these pages by clicking on the "Needs Review" link above the left-hand pie chart. It's usually easier to maintain your site by using the Needs Review link after you finish your initial page review.

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