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School of Medicine and Dentistry

“Today we graduate physicians who will help lead seismic changes in the way health care is delivered and administered in this country,” said President and CEO Joel Seligman as he welcomed 100 students from the School of Medicine and Dentistry. The students received their MD degrees during the May 19 ceremony.

  • a group of graduates taking a selfie Pre-ceremony selfie: (from left to right) Eric Chang, Sthuthi David, Ben Hyers, and Pooja Prasad take a group selfie before the ceremony officially kicks off. (University photo / Keith Walters)
  • student looks at the camera as she walks by in her graduation gown Step by step: Candidates make their way into Eastman Theatre. (University photo / Keith Walters)
  • Danny Wegman shakes hand with Joel Seligman Warm welcome: Danny Wegman (left), chair of the Board of Trustees, and President Joel Seligman helped preside over the ceremony. (University photo / Keith Walters)
  • Mark Taubman speaking from the podium The transformation of health care: “This is an extraordinary time to be a physician,” noted Mark Taubman, CEO of the University of Rochester Medical Center and UR Medicine. “In the past, the health care system was taken for granted and pretty much allowed to manage on its own. Now it’s front and center in a national debate that’s increasing in intensity.” (University photo / Keith Walters)
  • overhead view of the commencement ceremony at Eastman Theatre Take it all in: Family, friends, and loved ones filled Kodak Hall. (University photo / Keith Walters)
  • student speaking and smiling from the podium The human factor: Speaking on behalf of the graduating class, Ayala Danzig spoke to classmates on the importance and necessity of self-care in order to help “preserve the humanity of my patients, my colleagues, and myself.” (University photo / Keith Walters)
  • Joel Seligman shaking hands with members of the Ganatra family Meliora moment: The Ganatra Family, (left to right) Tansukh, Sarla, and Rajesh, receive the Eastman Medal to in recognition of their achievements and service. (University photo / Keith Walters)
  • Carol Nadelson speaking from the podium Pioneering physician: “I am immeasurably grateful for my Rochester education, my lifelong intellectual and clinical North Star,” says physician and commencement speaker Carol Nadelson ’61< (MD) '62M (Res). “As I welcome you into this compassionate and honorable profession, always remember it is a privilege to be accepted into the lives of your patients and to serve them.” (University photo / Keith Walters)
  • row of graduates reads the graduation oath Oath-taking: “I will maintain the health and well-being of my patients as my first consideration...” The medicine and dentistry candidates—joined by fellow physicians in the audience—recite the graduation oath as part of the ceremony. (University photo / Keith Walters)
  • student smiles while a doctoral hood is lowered over her head All smiles: Julia Cooper receives her doctoral hood. (University photo / Keith Walters)
  • student smiles while a doctoral hood is lowered over his head One of the family now: Timothy Hong is hooded during the conferral of degrees. (University photo / Keith Walters)
  • student smiles while a doctoral hood is lowered over his head Like father, like son: Andrew Smith is hooded by his father, Bob Smith ’86, during the conferral of degrees. (University photo / Keith Walters)
  • group of graduates walking up the staircase in Eastman Theatre Movin’ on up: The graduates head to the reception following the ceremony. (University photo / Keith Walters)
  • graduate holding his two children Role model: Newly minted MD Shalom Schlagman holds his kids, Roey (left) and Noa. (University photo / Keith Walters)

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