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Commencement 2018

In Photos

Each year during commencement weekend, the University of Rochester recognizes its graduating students and their families, outstanding faculty and alumni, special guests, and other honorees.

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  • three students hugging and laughing at graduation ceremony Hold on tight: Anne Cheng (left), Venice Magunga, and Anmol Almast share a hug following the Arts, Sciences & Engineering ceremony. (University photo / Keith Walters)
  • student takes a selfie with the large commencement crowd behind him Scenic selfie: “We've risen to the occasion. We’ve supported our classmates who felt disenfranchised. We are a community that accepts all and rejects no one,” said Adil Ali, president of the senior class council, in his remarks to his fellow graduates. (University photo / Keith Walters)
  • graduates blowing buggles Bubbling over with excitement: Ashwini Manjunatha (left) and Theresa Xu blow bubbles while waiting for the ceremony to get under way. (University photo / Keith Walters)
  • President Richard Feldman ‘The next chapter’: Presiding over his first commencement season as president, Richard Feldman told the Class of 2018, “This University has provided some of the finest scholarship, finest teaching, greatest health care centers, and the most outstanding science the world has ever known. And you are now prepared to be part of the next chapter.” (University photo / Keith Walters)
  • line of students in graduation robes, one student at the front smiles Queued up: Candidates from the School of Nursing line up in Lowry Hall at the Eastman School of Music moments before the ceremony. (University photo / J. Adam Fenster)
  • student in graduation cap smiling ‘Embrace your patients’: Javauni Forrest smiles after delivering the undergraduate remarks for the School of Nursing’s Class of 2018. As nurses, he said, “we’re in a unique position to profoundly impact the lives of our patients. Use that privilege to not only empower but also embrace your patients for whatever they are.” (University photo / J. Adam Fenster)
  • student in nursing graduation gown waves while walking across the stage Wave from the stage: Lauren Russ-Clar crosses the Kodak Theatre stage to receive her bachelor of science in nursing degree. (University photo / J. Adam Fenster)
  • student smailes while her father places doctoral hood over her head Dad and daughter: Sanah Ali is hooded by her father, Yousaf Ali, an associate professor of medicine in the School of Medicine and Dentistry, after receiving her doctor of medicine degree. (University photo / Keith Walters)
  • commencement speaker in a top hat smiles from the stage Tip of the hat: Seymour Schwartz ’57M (Res) receives the Eastman Medal in recognition of his achievements as one of the nation’s foremost medical educators and scholars of medical history during a career that has spanned seven decades. He is also well-known outside medicine as an author and historian of cartography. (University photo / Keith Walters)
  • man in graduation robes plays with two children A doctor in the house: Jinno Magno celebrates with his children Julian and Isabel after receiving his doctor of medicine degree. (University photo / Keith Walters)
  • students on stage, with the large theatre crowd behind them Onward and upward: Doctoral candidates prepare to cross the stage. “After many years of working and studying, you’re now earning the highest academic degree bestowed by the University,” said President Richard Feldman. “Have confidence in your abilities, take pride in your accomplishments.” (University photo / J. Adam Fenster)
  • row of students climbing a staircase Step by step: After receiving their master’s degrees, newly minted graduates exit Kodak Hall. “The number of master’s students here is a reflection of the knowledge-based society we are now part of,” said G. Robert Witmer Jr., ’59, chairman emeritus of the University’s Board of Trustees. (University photo / Matt Wittmeyer)
  • students in the crowd high-five each other and laugh Kudos all around: Student award recipients celebrate during the Warner School of Education ceremony. (University photo / Keith Walters)
  • student stands in the audience and smiles broadly The award goes to . . . James Kostka stands after being named the winner of the Eleanore F. Larson Award for Excellence in Teaching. (University photo / Keith Walters)
  • graduate holds her diploma up in the air and smiles Take a look at me now: Vaseen Richards holds up her diploma during the Warner School ceremony. (University photo / Keith Walters)
  • crowd of graduates marching up a road Last leg of the journey: Members of the Class of 2018 begin their procession to the Eastman Quadrangle. (University photo / J. Adam Fenster)
  • Kenneth B. Morris reveiving an honorary doctoral hood Frederick Douglass at 200: The University awarded 19th-century abolitionist leader Frederick Douglass an honorary degree, which was accepted by Douglass’s great-great-great grandson Kenneth B. Morris, Jr. (center). “When you think about his condition of being born to slavery and never spending one day of his life in a classroom, and to think that 200 years later he’s awarded this posthumous honorary doctor of laws degree, I’m very humbled,” Morris said after the ceremony. “His family is very appreciative of this, and we thank the University of Rochester.” (University photo / J. Adam Fenster)
    Read more about the Frederick Douglass honorary degree on Facebook.
  • President Feldman presenting a medal to Margo Georgiadis ‘A special generation’: President Feldman awards the Eastman Medal to Margaret (Margo) Georgiadis, chief executive officer of Ancestry. During her commencement address, she told the Class of 2018 (which includes her son, Andreas, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in computer science), “You are part of a special generation born in an incredible time in history and poised to change the world.” (University photo / J. Adam Fenster)
  • student wearing a lot of traditional commencement regalia is helped with this cap Helping hand: Isaiah Pule adds a touch of his native Hawaii to his graduation regalia with the help of his former high school teacher, Kenny Ferenchak. (University photo / Keith Walters)
  • student in a graduation cap plays the trombone Prelude to a procession: The Eastman Trombone Choir, conducted by Mark Kellogg, performs as the audience members take their seats in Kodak Hall for the Eastman School of Music Commencement. (University photo / J. Adam Fenster)
  • Jane Chu speaking at podium The arts in our lives: Jane Chu, chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, delivers the Eastman School’s commencement address. “You’re going to do big things, substantive things,” she said, “and this is going to unfold very naturally for you because you were educated at Eastman.” (University photo / J. Adam Fenster)
  • student places his diploma in a frame Hard work pays off: Eastman graduate Dominic Seunghyun Lee with his diploma after the ceremony. (University photo / J. Adam Fenster)
  • crowd of graduates in theater ‘Being an engineer’: Graduates from the Hajim School of Engineering & Appliled Sciences gather in Kodak Hall for their diploma ceremony. Hajim School dean Wendi Heinzelman told the graduates, “Don’t let being an engineer define who you are. Let who you are re-define what it means to be an engineer. This is the way to move our profession forward and advance our country’s competitiveness throughout the next century.” (University photo / Keith Walters)
  • graduate shakes hands with Ed Hajim Meeting of scholars: Raymond Chin, a National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenges Scholar, receives his biomedical engineering degree from Edmund Hajim ’58, chair emeritus of the University’s Board of Trustees and namesake of the Hajim School. (University photo / Keith Walters)
  • student getting a hug Hugging it out: Abdulmalik Kurdi is greeted by fellow engineering graduates after the ceremony. (University photo / Keith Walters)
  • students cheer and raise glasses of champagne Cheers to you! The Class of 2018 is officially welcomed into the University of Rochester alumni family with a champagne toast during Senior Week activities. (University photo / Matt Wittmeyer)

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