Campus Construction

Goergen Hall

On Thursday,  July 3, from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. the Goergen Hall  elevators will be out of service, one at a time, for maintenance.

Contact Shawn Casey at 755-2841 or Chris Harvey at 703-6502 with any questions.

Meliora Hall

From Monday, May 19, through Wednesday, Aug. 20, a window replacement project on the Meliora Hall third floor plaza level offices under the canopy will take place.
• The entire canopy will be contained within the plywood walls as the project work zone. The bike racks will be moved to the other side of Meliora Plaza facing Harkness Hall.
• The sidewalk from Library Road to Meliora plaza will be used by the contractor to access the work zone and will be contained in chain link fence.
• The main door entrances to the third floor will remain open until the last phase of the project; after July 1 each entrance will intermittently be closed at different times for the renovation work. One entrance will always be open for entry and emergency egress will be maintained throughout the entire project.
• There will be loud noise during the entire project.
• The ramp to Meliora Plaza and the Meliora Parking lot will remain open at all times.

Contact Christina Goodermote at 732-3640 with any questions or concerns.

Morey Hall

The third floor of Morey Hall is being renovated this summer to re-create the original lobby (pictured below). The third floor of Morey Hall is closed to the University community starting Thursday, May 22. Access into the building will be available through the tunnel system or through Rettner Hall. The elevator will be available but will not stop on the third floor.n All emergency exit patterns will be maintained during the project.

Direct questions to Mike Otto at 275-4892.


Strong Auditorium

Beginning Monday, July 7, and continuing through Friday, Aug. 22, the windows in Strong Auditorium will be replaced. The building remains closed for the summer. The exterior perimeter of the entire building will be used for lift access during installation. The area of roadway between Todd Union and Strong Auditorium will have truckload deliveries daily; use caution or avoid the area if possible.


Contact Christina Goodermote at 732-3640 with questions or comments.


Rush Rhees Library

A roofing project will take place at Rush Rhees Library from May 27 to Aug. 19.

Beginning July 7, the final flood coat and new gravel installation will begin on all roof levels.  There are sometimes strong odors associated with the work on very hot and humid days, which will especially effect offices within the courtyard area of the building.  The process will also be very loud.

For questions, contact Christina Goodermote at 732-3640.


Wallis Hall

From July 7 to 31, construction will take place at the main entrance to Wallis Hall. The work involves installing new granite steps, cleaning existing granite steps, installing new brick pavers, removing and replacing a concrete landing, installing new handrail, and installing new exterior lights near the sidewalk.  Some demolition and excavation work will be required.

During the work, the main entrance will be closed and enclosed with chain link fencing.  A portion of sidewalk in front of Wallis Hall may be closed while work is taking place.  Pedestrian traffic will be relocated to nearby crosswalks as required during these times.  The noisiest and most disruptive work is generally planned to occur between 6 and 9 a.m. or on weekends.

Contact Jonathan McCann at 353-0069 with any questions.





Gavett Hall

On Monday, May 19, work began on the renovation of Gavett 202 classroom.  A dumpster is  placed adjacent to the building; noise and dust will be created that is internal to the building. The corridor in Gavett on the second floor will remain open.

Call Jennifer Baldwin at 794-8163 with any questions.


New Golisano Children’s Hospital Tower

The new $145-million Golisano Children’s Hospital tower, to be located on Crittenden Boulevard and attached to the Medical Center and Strong Memorial Hospital, will be eight floors and approximately 245,000 square feet of space dedicated to children and their families. When the new hospital opens in 2015, private rooms and a greatly expanded Neonatal Intensive Care Unit will provide our families with much-needed privacy and will enhance infection control efforts.

Real-time camera:

Hutchison Hall

A roofing project will take place at Hutchison Hall from May 27 to Aug. 19.

The roof tear-off of the nailed insulation and plywood board begins July 7. The material will be sheared off mechanically and it will create extreme noise during this time.

Contact Christina Goodermote at 732-3640 with any questions.

College Town


College Town is a comprehensive plan to redevelop 14 acres of University-owned property with 500,000 square feet of retail and dining space, hotel and conference facilities, parking, and housing for the Mt. Hope and University communities and area visitors. The $100 million project at the intersection of Mt. Hope and Elmwood avenues has been a vision for local community partners since 2008 and promises to provide economic benefits to the region, while building a welcoming and cohesive University-neighborhood community.

Recent Updates

image001Starting the week of June 9 and continuing for two or more months (approximately 70 days), truck deliveries of approximately 20 concrete pieces will be delivered daily to the College Town site. The pieces will be used to erect the new parking garage at College Town (see a live camera of the parking garage). Most of the deliveries will be considered “oversize loads.” Oversize trucking is not allowed in the area from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. or from 4 to 6 p.m.

The sidewalk along Elmwood Avenue on the south side of the road from East Drive to Mt. Hope Avenue is closed. Pedestrians are encouraged to cross over Elmwood Avenue at the crosswalk located at Thomas Jackson Drive traffic signal to the north side sidewalk.

Real-time cameras of the project area are available at and