Campus Construction

Several roadway and building projects are under way on University campuses and nearby roads. Check the adjoining map for updates on traffic and other anticipated impacts for faculty and staff.

For questions about these projects, contact Greg Meyer, Campus Planning, Design & Construction Management, at

April 14, 2016: Science and Engineering Quadrangle Update – Phase 1 and Phase 2

As part of Phase 1 of the Science & Engineering Quadrangle project, the current construction site at Wegmans Hall will expand south toward the Computer Studies Building. There will be no sidewalk closures as part of this first phase, which will be in effect through Commencement Weekend. Immediately after Commencement Weekend, on May 16, Phase 2 of the project will begin, which will require the lower stairs and sidewalk to be closed from Hutchison Hall to Hutchison Rd. As part of Phase 2, Hutchison Rd. and Dewey Lot will be closed until August 15, 2016. More details to follow.

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