Campus Construction

New Golisano Children’s Hospital Tower

The new $145-million Golisano Children’s Hospital tower, to be located on Crittenden Boulevard and attached to the Medical Center and Strong Memorial Hospital, will be eight floors and approximately 245,000 square feet of space dedicated to children and their families. When the new hospital opens in 2015, private rooms and a greatly expanded Neonatal Intensive Care Unit will provide our families with much-needed privacy and will enhance infection control efforts.

Read more about the impact of ongoing construction of the new Golisano Children’s Hospital.

Saturday work
To make up for time lost during the winter on the building exterior of the hospital, Saturday work will continue through the end of July.  The work will mainly be brick masonry.  Loud work (saws, back-up alarms, etc.) will not start until 9 a.m. and will stop by 4 p.m..
If you have any questions or concerns, contact Evangelos Yannas at 880-2953.

Construction schedule:
June 2 to April 2015: Connect Bridge to Strong Memorial Hospital
Feb. 5 to Aug. 19: Exterior Enclosure–West Healing Garden                                     April 2 to Aug. 5: Exterior Enclosure – East Healing Garden
April 28 to Sept. 24: Exterior Enclosure–North elevation (above ACC)
April 28 to June 29:  Exterior Enclosure–Southwest Elevation
April 28 to June 29: Exterior Enclosure–South Elevation (5th–roof)
April 28 to Aug. 7: Exterior Enclosure–South Elevation (3rd and 4th floor)
May 7 to July 9: Exterior Enclosure–West Elevation
June 16 to Sept. 16: Exterior Enclosure–Elevation at buckhoist
Through April 8, 2015: Interior Fit-Out, 1st floor
Through April 14, 2015: Interior Fit-Out, 3rd floor
Through Sept. 16: Interior Fit-Out, 4th floor
Through Sept. 22: Interior Fit-Out, 5th floor
Through Sept. 10: Interior Fit-Out, 6th floor
Through April 16, 2015: Interior Fit-Out, 7th floor
Through April 21, 2015: Interior Fit-Out, 8th floor
Through April 16, 2015: Interior Fit-Out , ground floor
July 2014 to October 2014: Sitework and site improvements

Real-time camera: