Campus Construction

College Town


College Town is a comprehensive plan to redevelop 14 acres of University-owned property with 500,000 square feet of retail and dining space, hotel and conference facilities, parking, and housing for the Mt. Hope and University communities and area visitors. The $100 million project at the intersection of Mt. Hope and Elmwood avenues has been a vision for local community partners since 2008 and promises to provide economic benefits to the region, while building a welcoming and cohesive University-neighborhood community.

Recent Updates

• Building #1 (Hotel & Conference Center): Excavation of the basement foundation is nearing completion.
• Building #2: Piers, footings, and foundations of the underground parking garage continues. Steel erection for the three floors of building 2 continues through Jan.17.
• Building #3: Surveyed and laid out in preparation for footings. Excavation is expected to begin Dec. 30.
• Building #4 (parking garage): The crane was erected approximately 300 feet south of Elmwood Avenue along East Drive. Crews began the pile process for the new parking garage facility. The 150-foot crane will remain vertical and move continuously throughout the building site to install 571 piles to support the parking garage building. This will continue through Feb. 21.
• Building #5: The contractor will be working on the concrete slab work over the next few weeks. Wood trusses should arrive Dec. 26 and 27 and work will begin shortly thereafter to frame up the next two stories of the building.
• Building #6: Surveyed in preparation for footings. Excavation is scheduled to begin Dec. 30.

The sidewalk along Elmwood Avenue on the south side of the road from East Drive to Mt. Hope Avenue is closed. Pedestrians are encouraged to cross over Elmwood Avenue at the crosswalk located at Thomas Jackson Drive traffic signal to the north side sidewalk.

Real-time cameras of the project area are available at and