University of Rochester

Creative Services

Graphic Identity Standards:

University Official Colors

Primary Color Palette

When using the University’s official colors, the finished product(s) should match PMS 109 Coated (dandelion yellow) and PMS 541 Coated (blue). We strive to reproduce the University’s official colors as accurately and consistently as possible regardless of the medium, material, or methods of reproduction. If you have questions about how to achieve or specify the University colors for mediums, materials, or methods of reproduction, other than offset or digital printing, or web, please contact Creative Services for help.

The use of yellow to print type or fine detail is discouraged. In small amounts it does not provide enough contrast on a white background to be legible. If you are printing only blue and yellow, yellow works best as an accent color or in larger areas.

Secondary Color Palette

Creative Services has identified a secondary color palette to allow creative flexibility and variety when producing publications and communication material. Always use the Pantone Matching System (PMS) to ensure accuracy when specifying printing inks.

Primary Palette Colors

gold Pantone/Spot Color: Pantone 109 Coated
CMYK/Process: 0-10-100-0
RGB: 255-221-0
Websafe: #ffdd00

blue Pantone/Spot Color: Pantone 541 Coated
CMYK/Process: 100-57-0-38
RGB: 0-70-127
Websafe: #00467f

Secondary Palette Colors

gray Pantone/Spot Color: Pantone Cool Gray 3
CMYK/Process: 0-0-0-17
RGB: 215-217-218
Websafe: #d7d9da

beige Pantone/Spot Color: Pantone 4535
CMYK/Process: 0-4-30-11
RGB: 231-216-172
Websafe: #e7d8ac

green gray Pantone/Spot Color: Pantone 5487
CMYK/Process: 35-0-16-54
RGB: 88-123-124
Websafe: #587b7c

blue gray Pantone/Spot Color: Pantone 5425
CMYK/Process: 30-4-0-31
RGB: 128-161-183
Websafe: #80a1b7

orange Pantone/Spot Color: Pantone 144
CMYK/Process: 0-48-100-0
RGB: 248-151-26
Websafe: #f8971a

red Pantone/Spot Color: Pantone 1795
CMYK/Process: 0-94-100-0
RGB: 239-51-34
Websafe: #ef3322