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Albert T. Brault, Director of Human Resources

In the coming months, Human Resources at the University will take on a very different look--and a new mission.

This is a result of a careful examination of how Human Resources' clients throughout the University have viewed past operations, as well as what they need from such an operation.

Obviously, from the perspective of an individual academic or administrative department, "human resources" deserves very high priority and needs to be oriented toward its University clients.

Through my own personal interviews with many in the University community, and through the input my staff received in a retreat last winter, it is clear that there is great interest in having human resources specialists at the University "closer" to the departments they serve--both geographically and in terms of reporting relationships. There is also great interest in the idea of any given depart ment having a single contact person who would deal with all of that office's needs and to become a clear advocate of that department's own interests and goals.

And, of course, there is a desire for less "paperwork," for easier mechanisms for hiring, promoting, and compensating University employees.

During the last few months, the Human Resources staff, working in cooperation with the deans and administrative University leaders, have established a set of "Principles of Operation" with which to redefine the Office of Human Resources:

The specifics of our emerging plans are now being reviewed by the President, Provost, deans, and key client representatives throughout the University. I expect to be able to announce soon the revised assignments for HR staff, as well as the detail of the revised structure and the location of HR offices--all of which should be in place later this year. (I can say now that the LEARN organization, Compensation Office, HRIS Project Manager, Affirmative Action Office, and Family Care Program, as well as my own office, will be relocated to the Towne House by late July.) In addition, we will begin implementing the new HRIS in the fall; its features will be brought on-line in phases.

In the meantime, please know that questions about Human Resources' services and policies, and about its transformation, are welcome. Please feel free to contact us via e-mail at or call us at x5-2000.

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