Med Center makes parking adjustments

The Emergency Department's parking lot will be temporarily reconfigured and reduced in size this summer to permit renovation of the outpatient tower adjoining the department.

Among the changes:

Staff will be affected in the following ways:

Should ambulances or patients experience any serious problems accessing the Emergency Department, or if there is a safety concern, contact Security immediately at x5-3333.

For those parkers who have not yet received notification, note that the configuration of the Crittenden Lot (Lot 1) has changed.

The front portion of what was formally known as Lot 1 North, closest to Lattimore Road, has been sectioned off and is now referred to as Lot 1 Reserved. This part of the lot has been separated from the rest of Lot 1 and reserved for the parkers who were displaced from the Medical School Lot (Lot 8) when construction began for the new medical research building. Those assigned to the Lot 1Reserved will enter through the gated entrance nearest the Crittenden Boulevard entrance of Lot 1 (immediately to the right upon entering the lot). Use a Lot 8 card to access the gate.

The front portion of Lot 1 South along Lattimore Road is now reserved for evening staff and is called Evening Staff Reserved Lot 1. This area is for evening shift staff only. The lot can be accessed via the gate at the Lattimore Road and Kendrick Road intersection.

The back halves of the north and south sections bot remain open to regular Lot 1 parkers. To access these parking areas, enter the Lot 1 from the Crittenden Boulevard entrance, drive through the gate, and proceed straight ahead. At the end of the walkway are the entrances to the back half of the north and south sections of Lot 1. This is the area where the shuttle bus stop was once located.

For more information regarding parking in Lot 1, contact the Medical Center Parking Office at x5-4524.

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