University considers awards alternatives

The University is discontinuing the Distinguished Service Award program, as it reviews even better ways to recognize the accomplishments of its outstanding employees.

"Our University is distinguished among academic research institutions because of the commitment to excellent services demonstrated by all of our staff," said Richard P. Miller, Jr., senior vice president. "With each passing year, it has become increasingly challenging to honor just a few, when so many staff have made a difference for their department, and the University and our community."

Miller said that the human resources department, under the leadership of Director Albert Brault, is now studying ways to better recognize and reward employee accomplishments throughout the institution. In the meantime, funding from the discontinued program will be redirected to the program that honors staff for extended periods of service at the University.

"These are new times and it requires us to examine new ways to recognize those so critical to the success of the University," Brault said. "Tools for managers to express appreciation in a timely manner and for the University leadership to recognize exceptional commitment, creativity, and effectiveness of individuals and teams will be the areas of focus in the years ahead."

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