Dear Colleagues:

The United Way is Rochester's most significant means of funding the social agencies upon which the community relies. The University's 1997 United Way Campaign, which has just started, is our own institution's way of supporting that important function.

I am happy to be leading the University campaign again this year. Last year we raised more than $573,000 in United Way contributions from University employeesan important sign of our collective commitment to the local community (and, I also believe, a sign of enlightened self-interest as well!).

The United Way supports hundreds of programs and thousands of our citizens, including our own employees. The United Way is again highlighting five priority "impact areas": Success by 6 (programs preparing children for success in school), Kids on Track (helping school-aged children succeed before, during, and after school, with caring adults serving as role models), Strengthening Families, Helping Seniors, and Overcoming Disabilities. Each of these areas is described in the literature accompanying your pledge forms.

The decision to contribute is a personal one, but please remember that you also can decide, through the Donor Option Program, exactly where your gift goes. Or, you can designate your gift to one of the "impact areas" if you so wish.

Your United Way pledge form and other explanatory materials will be delivered to you soon by a volunteer. I hope we are making it as easy as possible for you to make your contributionto an effort upon which our community rightfully relies.


Thomas H. Jackson

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