CWCD posting student summer jobs

Many University students are interested in working on campus this summer in either part-time or full-time positions. University policy requires that summer positions be made available to continuing full-time University students first.

The Center for Work and Career Development (CWCD) is now posting summer 1997 student payroll positions. To post an existing job (one that has already been assigned a job number), simply send a completed Position Action Form with the appropriate pay rate and other revisions to the center. When the position is filled, send a Student Employee Payroll Authorization Form to the center to authorize the student to be paid. Jobs remain posted until the center is notified by telephone or until a Payroll Authorization form is received. For additional information please call x5-2138.

Departments intending to hire students from other institutions or wishing to hire University students who will graduate in May, will need to coordinate the hiring process through Employment Services or Temporary Services. For those graduating, the last day they will be eligible to be paid through Student Payroll is May 28.

The Employment Services Office and Temporary Services Program Office will not be accepting applications for summer only applicants.

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