Food services to be revamped for fall

Many enhancements to the River Campus food service operation will be evident by September, following a rigorous review of operations starting last spring and involving student, faculty, and staff representatives.

Hours will change in some locations, other dining sites will be expanded, and new national-brand and specialty operations will be put in place.

"Students liked the quality of our existing food services, but wanted some additional choices," said Diane Dimitroff, director of auxiliary operations. "We're making new choices available, and improving the general quality throughout our facilities."

In addition, the Faculty Club will be expanded, and recast as a community dining area, rather than a "club," she said.

The new dining program is a competitive proposal from the University's own dining services staff--a proposal that won out over proposals from four nationally recognized vendors.

Incorporating advice from the Residential College Commission, Student Association, and other customer groups, "the dining staff came out with a proposal that will improve dining services on campus on a financially sound basis," Dimitroff said.

In the process, all of the management and supervisory position job descriptions have been rewritten, an executive chef will be added to the management team to improve the menu and help train the culinary staff, and training and marketing staff members will be added to make sure that the dining staff have the necessary expertise and stay in touch with their customers.

Among the changes:

Renovations to the dining facilities began July 7 and will continue throughout the summer.

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