Summer renovation projects lined up for River Campus

The Department of Planning & Project Management has announced the usual flurry of summer improvement work on the River Campus. More than a dozen major projects are planned through September, including new sidewalks on Trustee Road, parking lot security cameras, lighting on Towers Road, and roof work on a number of buildings.

Here's a campus map and key to this summer's construction:

  1. UNDERGROUND TANKS (June through August)
    Remove fuel tanks at Hillcourt, SBA, 612 Wilson Boulevard, Schlegel, and Morey

  2. TOWERS ROAD LIGHTING (June through July)
    Installation of lighting

  3. CCTV (May through June)
    Security surveillance at Hill Court, Wilson North, and River Parking Lots

  4. DEWEY FIRE PUMP (June through July)
    Increase water pressure for fire protection system

  5. LOWER STRONG AUDITORIUM (June through September)
    Renovate stage area for performance space

  6. DEWEY AND BAUSCH & LOMB CHIMNEYS (June through July)
    Masonry restoration

  7. TAYLOR, HUTCHISON, AND STRONG ROOFS (June through August)
    Roof replacement and repairs

  8. WILSON AND DOUGLASS DINING (June through August)
    Central cashiering and changes to food venues

  9. UPPER STRONG RAMP (Tentative--July through August)
    Ramp to provide accessible route

  10. LOWER STRONG ADA MODIFICATIONS (Tentative--July through August)
    Accessible route to Lower Strong; accessible bathroom and auditorium seating

  11. ADMINISTRATION BUILDING REAR ENTRY (Tentative--June through August)
    Regrading to provide accessible route

  12. SUSAN B. ANTHONY WALKWAYS (June through August)
    Sidewalk replacement and regrading to provide accessible route

  13. LIBRARY ROAD (July through August)
    Modifications to vehicular traffic patterns

  14. TRUSTEE ROAD (July through August)
    Sidewalks for pedestrian safety

  15. SUSAN B. ANTHONY ROOF (June through August)
    Roof replacement

  16. DEWEY HALL (July through August)
    Waterline replacement

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