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ALL WORK AND NO PLAY . . . Staffers take a break during Reunion '98, which drew some 500 alumni from the classes of '58 to '64. Robin Lynn '70, director of Alumni Relations & Development's regional office in New York City, and Kathy Malmendier, assistant director of AR&D, take a twirl by the tents on Eastman Quadrangle. See related photos

June 15, 1998
Volume 26 Number 11

When walking alone

Before something happens, think about how you would react in different situations.

If you're being followed:

    • Stay calm and look confident.
    • Join a nearby group of people.
    • Try to get to an open building and call Security Services at x13, or pick up any Blue Light Emergency Phone.
    • If someone takes your wallet, purse or briefcase from you, give it up rather than risk personal injury.

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