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RE:Update on new voice mail system

As users become familiar with the new voice mail system, they will notice that there are several differences from the old system.

Firstly, until most users are on the new NEC phones, messages from one ROLM telephone to another won't activate NEC voice mail message lights because the message is still in a ROLM phone mailbox.

An NEC voice mail message light also won't be activated for a message it received from a ROLM phone. Although we have the phones tied together to allow for five-digit dialing, the voice mail systems are outside of that tie. Therefore, one type of phone system won't activate another phone system's voice mail message light.

Another change worth noting is that the system is configured to delete unplayed messages after 21 days and played messages after seven days. These storage parameters were set to allow for maximum utilization space for new messages.

However, when a human resources or security issue arises, we do have the ability to record a message to a mailbox and store it for an extended period of time. To access that service, contact the Help Desk, x 4-HELP.

Voice mail users also will notice that the new system doesn't stamp the message with the phone number of the calling party. This allows privacy for those numbers that you don't want to leave in someone's voice mailbox. If you're calling from a second line, that line number also is no longer left in the called party's voice mailbox.

If you have questions about other voice mail features, consult our Web site (www.utd. or the quick reference guide being placed with each phone and provided during training. For extra copies of the quick reference guide, contact the Help Desk by phone or by e-mail at

Thank you.

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