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January 8


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Operation Of the University In Adverse Weather and Similar Emergencies


It is the policy of the University to remain in operation and to continue regular services and schedules regardless of adverse weather conditions, transportation or utility problems, or other similar situations. Exceptions to the policy may be made on a case-by-case basis and can include decisions to reduce services and/or staff levels.


In order to keep key units of the University in operation under emergency situations, such departments should have an "Essential Staffing Plan" that includes the designation of particular individuals to operate the unit. In addition, all administrative and academic departments, whether or not they are likely to remain open in such circumstances, should have a plan for communicating the situation to members of the department--including a designated "communicator" with whom departmental students/staff/faculty should be in contact to give and receive instructions.

Faculty members are requested to announce to their classes that under almost all circumstances classes will meet as scheduled and if there is a question about a particular class to contact the departmental office.

If it is decided that some curtailment is in order, the objective of the University is to continue certain services with as normal a staff level as is possible. In general, those services are defined as Medical Center, security, steam plant, dining, housing and facilities (as determined by the director of University Facilities and Services). The personnel in those areas are deemed to be "Essential Staff." (Other staff may be designated "essential" by their supervisor for particular incidents.)


The decision to curtail services in the University or a major division of the University is made by the president and the provost with the senior vice president and CFO and senior vice president for health affairs. (A dean or divisional manager may temporarily curtail services in a unit in a local emergency situation subject to prompt notice to the president or provost.)


Recorded announcements about general curtailment of services will be available promptly and revised frequently on the University Information Line, where they may be heard at any time by dialing x5-6111 within the University telephone system, 275-6111 from outside. To reduce the load on the x5-6111 line and for more specific information than can be carried on this line, students/faculty/staff should telephone their area's designated "communicator." Offices that need a change in the information line should request it through the Office of University Public Relations (x5-4124).

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