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February 18,


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Robert Boyd, professor of optics, has been named the M. Parker Givens Professor of Optics for his work with light that has included confirming a century-old atomic prediction, creation of new materials, and understanding quantum noise. Boyd is the first person appointed to the new chair that honors University professor emeritus of optics, M. Parker Givens.

Henry Kyburg Jr., Burbank Professor of Moral and Intellectual Philosophy and professor of computer science, has received a five-year, part-time appointment as a research scientist on artificial intelligence at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition. Kyburg is exploring whether reasoning can be formalized and incorporated into artificial intelligence systems to be used in data mining.

Pat Holland, assistant professor of chemistry, has been awarded an NSF Career Award. Holland's research interests include synthetic bioinorganic and organometallic modeling chemistry.

Denise Murphy McGraw has been named Medical Center director of government relations. In this role, McGraw will work closely with local, regional, state, and federal legislators on matters critical to the Medical Center.

Benjamin Miller has won the 2001 Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award, designed to strengthen the teaching and research careers of young faculty researchers. Miller's research, including work on the development of a bandage that can alert the wearer to the presence of harmful bacteria, earned him the $60,000 honor.

Jonathan Mink, associate professor of pediatric neurology, has been appointed chief of the division of Pediatric Neurology at Strong Children's Hospital. Mink is a nationally recognized expert in movement disorders in children.

Paul Okunieff, chairman of radiation oncology at the James P. Wilmot Cancer Center, received the 2001 Davey Memorial Award for outstanding contributions to cancer research. Presented annually since 1997, the award honors Okunieff's research into long-term effects of radiation therapy and quality of life after treatment.

Clement Ren, associate professor of pediatric pulmonology, is the newly named chief of the Division of Pediatric Pulmonology and Allergy at Strong Children's Hospital. He joins the largest group of pediatric pulmonologists in Upstate New York.

Catherine Soussloff, professor of art, has been named the new director of the Visual and Cultural Studies Program, the first graduate program of its kind in the country to use a broad variety of methods to analyze visual culture, including art.

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