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November 18, 2002
Volume 30 Number 20

WHAT'RE ORANGE AND FLY? PUMPKINS--At least pumpkins were flying in the first annual ASME Jack-O-Lantern Competition on November 11 in the Wilson Commons plaza. Sponsored by the University chapter of the American Society for Mechanical Engineers and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the event challenged teams to design and build pumpkin-flinging machines. University students, faculty, and staff as well as local high school students participated in the competition.
Above Jay Thompson '05 (left), Kevin Ryan '05 (right), and Professor Dave Quesnel (center) prepare for an eventual pumpkin launch of 157 feet. Called the Standing Antelopes, their team, which also includes Erik Monostory '05 and Brandon Raugi '05, designed the device as part of Quesnel's mechanical engineering dynamics class.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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