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May 12,


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Journal spotlights student research

By Portia Bridges '05

The fall 2003 issue of the Journal of Undergraduate Research.

With topics ranging from current trends in psychophysiology to the latest in flat-panel displays, the first issue of the Journal of Undergraduate Research, published in the fall, offers a cross-disciplinary look at student research at the University.

Designed, created, and directed by an all-student editorial board, the journal is led by the vision of editor-in-chief Prahbjot Dhadialla '03. A dual major in cell and developmental biology and history, Dhadialla says the journal's goal is to present specialized research within a larger framework of knowledge and to communicate across departments and across disciplines.

"Because this is a liberal arts campus, I thought there should be some venue for undergraduates to share their learning across the disciplines and to read about the accomplishments of their peers," says Dhadialla.

To make the journal a reality, Dhadialla and other students presented a complete business plan and budget to the College and met with department chairs to secure additional financial support.

Director of Undergraduate Research Thomas Krugh, who supported the effort as an advisor, says the dedication to the project shows in the finished product.

"It was a tremendous learning experience for everyone involved. Students were exposed to multiple tasks involved in publishing; collecting support, money, and resources, soliciting and selecting articles, and editing student submissions. And while faculty did provide support, the students produced this product on their own and deserve all the credit for this accomplishment," says Krugh.

Student researcher Catherine Egan '05, whose article, "A Cycle of Identity," examines the pseudonym of poet W. D. Snodgrass, says she benefited from the editorial input and was grateful to have an outlet to showcase her research.

"The opportunity was really unique. It was at times intimidating to have your work critiqued by so many editors, but it made the paper stronger. I learned a lot about my strengths and weaknesses as a writer," says Egan.

The journal highlights the work of seven student researchers, including Christopher Niemic '03, who is planning to pursue graduate studies in social psychology. His article explores the use of electroencephalography in the study of human emotion and research on cerebral laterality and emotion regulation.

In addition to student work, the journal also spotlights the work of Jennifer Williams Brown, assistant professor of musicology in the College Music Department, whose work focuses on Italian opera of the 17th century.

The journal's editorial staff is currently working on the second issue, scheduled for publication in the fall. For more information or to view the latest issue online, visit

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