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Currents--University of Rochester newspaper

January 19, 2004
Volume 32 Number 01

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WINTER CONFERENCE--More than 120 employees from across the University participated in this year's Administration and Finance Conference on January 7 and 9 at the Memorial Art Gallery. The two half-day sessions were organized by University Budget Director Holly Crawford as part of the "Five Bold Steps" initiatives.

According to Senior Vice President and CFO Ronald Paprocki, "The overall objective of the conference is to improve communication between administration and finance groups across the University. Such efforts are important in a decentralized environment."

The conference included presentations from a broad group of University leaders, including Simon School Dean Mark Zupan (above). Presenters highlighted major changes and accomplishments of the past year, future plans, and updates on topics that ranged from finance, compliance, and self-insurance to information technology and human resources.

Happy New Year!

This issue marks the beginning of Currents's 2004 production schedule. To view this year's schedule, including deadline dates for submissions, visit and click on "2004 Production Schedule." Look for the next issue on Monday, February 2. Submissions are due by noon, Monday, January 26.

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