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Strong honored for nursing quality

Strong Memorial Hospital has achieved recognition as a Nursing Magnet Hospital, an international nursing quality designation given to about 2 percent of hospitals nationwide.

The American Nurses Credentialing Center, the group within the American Nurses Association that awards magnet status, looked at nearly 100 criteria in evaluating nursing care at Strong. The designation recognizes Strong for its ability to recruit and retain nurses as well as other indicators such as lower mortality rates for patients and higher satisfaction ratings among patients and nurses.

To achieve Magnet Status, a steering committee began documenting nursing practice in 2003, focusing on 14 key standards such as quality of care, planning, implementation, evaluation, education, and ethics. Strong submitted more than 3,500 pages of documentation and scored within a "range of excellence," earning a site visit from four nurse appraisers from the credentialing center and the magnet recognition program.

The appraisers conducted a comprehensive review of Strong's nursing practice department over four days, meeting with more than 800 nurses, physicians, employees in other disciplines, and executive leadership.

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