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TO:The University Community

FROM: Chuck Murphy, Associate Vice President for Human Resources

RE: A Report on the HRMS Task Force

In mid-September, the University community was advised of the creation of a special task force designed to address identified issues related to the new Human Resources Management System (HRMS). This task force is composed of a cross-section of University administrators supported by Payroll, Human Resources, and HRMS staff, as well as a member of the Office of University Audit.

Having solicited and reviewed reports of problems, the task force has delivered its first report to Senior Vice President Ronald Paprocki. In addition, two memos have been sent to timekeepers to outline significant improvements to the system. And still other issues have been identified and will be fixed by the end of the calendar year.

As the University community knows, time and labor reporting has proved to be, by far, the most problematic module in the new system. Three high-priority issues in time labor have been identified, and they have been addressed or will be shortly:

  • Users reported great dissatisfaction in having to "toggle" between multiple screens in order to find information related to accruals and payable time. In response, two new reports were made available as of last week: Accruals Summary and Time to Be Paid. As a result, timekeepers will be able to see more information at one time. (Two additional reports, On-Premises and Paycheck, also have been created.)

  • The task force also heard concerns about the necessity of accessing multiple screens to run time and approve time. Our work has led to evaluation of various screen modifications and it is expected we will be providing a newly created screen before year's end.

  • Another major issue is the lack of predictability of the "run time" for time and labor entries. We have begun a pilot in which the system processes nursing entries separately from the rest of the University. This has significantly reduced the time necessary to process University entries. Further improvements in the timing and predictability of entry processing are being pursued.

I wish to extend my thanks to the task force members. Their work, of course, is far from over; we will continue to solicit input from the University community, identify improvements, and keep you informed as we proceed. Further, let me express my gratitude to all at the University who have willingly provided feedback and suggestions on improving system performance. We will continue to consult with various members of the University community, and with the Faculty Senate leadership, as we move forward.

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