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Summit connects women leaders

A groundbreaking initiative by the Susan B. Anthony Center for Women's Leadership at the University will support women elected to city and county offices by connecting them to information and resources.

The Women Leading Local Governments Policy Summit kicks off on Friday, November 12, and Saturday, November 13, with the first-ever conference for women holding offices in county and city governments across New York. The program includes workshops and panels presented by public policy experts and business and community leaders. Participants also will draft a plan local governments may use to improve the lives of New York women and their families. The sessions are open to anyone interested from the local public.

"Of 1,087 seats in county legislatures and the five largest city councils in the state, less than 18 percent--only 194 seats--are held by women," says Nora Bredes, director of the Anthony Center. "But elected women do make a positive difference, especially when they're not isolated. By coming together at this conference, they will get a stronger sense of how their 'critical mass' can change the substance and style of political work. They will also receive public policy information from the speakers that will help them address issues that are important to the lives of families back in their own communities."

The two-day conference program includes opening remarks by Lois Giess '63N, president of the Rochester City Council, and a keynote address by Jody Heymann, associate professor of society, human development, and health at Harvard University's School of Public Health. Heymann also is the founding director of the Project on Global Working Families and chairs the Work, Family, and Democracy Initiative. She will discuss "Creating a Better World for Women and Their Families."

Program panels will be held at the Strathallan Hotel. For more information, call x5-8799.

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