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Napster available in residence halls

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Students in River Campus and Eastman School residence halls will be able to fire up their Napster accounts as soon as they return in the fall.

Reauthentication of existing Napster accounts (and the initiation of new accounts for first-time students) will be possible starting the weekend of August 21 and 22 by visiting and clicking on "Get Started." (New students will be able to set up their accounts during the Technology and Campus Services Expo on August 22 and 23.)

Over the summer, Rochester students have been able to play the free tethered downloads they had acquired before May 16 (and to purchase new songs through Napster's basic service).

After reauthenticating their accounts in late August, students again will be able to download new songs and stream new music. Download times will decrease significantly with the installation over the summer of a local cache server.

Rochester was the first private university in the country to provide the Napster online music service. The Premium Service, which first became available in March, offers free streaming from Napster's digital library of over 800,000 tracks, free local downloads for listening without being connected to the Internet, access to more than 50 fully interactive radio stations, permanent downloads (to burn to CD or transfer to any of 60 portable music devices) for 99 cents each or $9.95 for an album, and customized playlists that can be shared with friends.

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