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In quotes—Meliora Weekend 2005

Chris Matthews
THE CHRIS MATTHEWS SHOWHardball host and political commentator Matthews drew a sold-out crowd at the Palestra on October 22. He discussed his time in the Peace Corps during the 1960s, his work as top aide to former Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill, and his career in journalism covering everything from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the current investigations into a possible leak of a CIA undercover agent's identity by White House staff. When asked by an audience member whom he thought the Republican and Democratic Parties should nominate for the 2008 presidential race, Matthews said he could see former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani running against New York Senator Hillary Clinton. "If it's a subway series, I'm going to love it. Could be one of the great races of our time."

"I donít think the issue is whether we're persuading other countries to become more like us. We're becoming more like other countries, and that's not a good thing."

—Greg Nojeim '81, chief congressional lobbyist for the ACLU and a constitutional lawyer
Miller's Court

"It doesn't matter if we're off restructuring Iraq if we can't fix our own country."

—Anthea Butler, assistant professor in the Department of Religion and Classics
Hurricane Katrina: How Will We Respond Next Time?

"The underlying social attitudes that women are still property, still children—issues we see played out in the fight for reproductive rights—those attitudes still exist."

—Sara Paretsky, social activist and author
2005 Stanton/Anthony Conversations

"I'm so excited to be here for Meliora Weekend, especially since we are celebrating diversity, asking how we bring everyone to the table, how we got to the table, and for some of us, how we're still trying, trying, trying to get to the table."

—Gail Wright Sirmans '72, civil rights attorney
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