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Words and Music

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Literary and musical worlds collided on March 26 during a unique performance featuring novelist Margaret Atwood and composer Tania León. The event, held at Rochester Institute of Technology and sponsored by the Eastman School’s Women in Music Festival, marked the local debut of Atwood Sings, León’s vocal-instrumental work based on five Atwood poems.
In a discussion that followed an initial performance, Atwood (above right) told the audience that she looked for threads in the music and found two in León’s composition: emptiness and fire. León agreed. Atwood also noted that she is drawn to music with a narrative, such as country and western as well as opera—even joking that she had written an opera for a home economics class in school.

Tuition rates set for 2007-08

Undergraduates in the College will see an increase of 5 percent in their term bills for tuition, room, and board for the 2007-08 academic year.

Dean Lennie outlines administrative changes in the College

Peter Lennie recently announced changes to the College administration, highlighting new appointments and describing the rationale behind the restructuring

Rochester joins hundreds of schools nationwide for Recyclemania

All conversations stopped abruptly during brunch on Sunday, January 28, as a few dozen students paraded through Danforth Dining Center. Some were shirtless, others covered in green paint, some in all green clothing. They banged on makeshift recycle bin drums and chanted “Recyclemania!"

Goergen Award nominations due April 20

Nominations are being accepted through April 20 for the 2007 Goergen Awards.

Students take a trip back to the roaring 1920s to grasp the birth of modernism

On a recent Tuesday morning, some 25 students filed into a Meliora Hall classroom, trading early-spring Rochester for the frenzy, excitement, and anxiety of Weimar Germany of the 1920s.

Faculty, students organize University’s first sustainability conference

When James Allen and Judith Hook began organizing the University’s first sustainability conference last fall they didn’t know who would be invited to speak or how they would pull it off.

Civil rights scholars Guinier, Torres present new lecture series

Harvard law professor Lani Guinier and Latino rights expert Gerald Torres will speak in this inaugural year of the Frederick Douglass Lectures and examine the themes of power and social change.

King Lear with a Contemporary Twist

The International Theatre Program is staging Shakespeare’s tragic masterpiece this April. The stark set design and contemporary adaptation of the classic tale come via the artistic vision of Nigel Maister.

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