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Ralph Kuncl Douglas Lowry
New Provost Ralph Kuncl Eastman Dean Doug Lowry
The appointment of a new University provost and a new dean of the Eastman School completes a team that will lead Rochester into “the next great period in our University’s history,” President Seligman says.

New provost, Eastman dean complete leadership team

Neuroscientist Ralph Kuncl, a nationally recognized leader in higher education, has been named provost, and Douglas Lowry, a noted composer and conductor, will take over as dean of the Eastman School, also on August 1.

Rochester a top choice for more freshmen

More high school students are making Rochester their first choice over other top-ranked universities, including those in the Ivy League. And a higher number of incoming freshmen will be coming from the West Coast, New England, and abroad.

University to host Gandhi Institute

The University will be the new home of the M. K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence, which was founded by the grandson of the Indian humanitarian to promote his ideals internationally through educational programs.

Work on Rush Rhees Library renovations to continue into the fall

All that remains of the offices at the back of Rush Rhees Library’s first floor are chunks of old duct work hanging from the ceiling, but by fall it will be completely remodeled and serving as the first true collaborative study space on campus. A grand opening is planned for Meliora Weekend, October 19 to 21.

Larry Arbeiter named associate vice president for communications

A nationally respected communications expert, Arbeiter spent most of his career informing the public about the vital role research universities play in driving innovation, preparing future leaders, and fueling the national economy.

Scientist's work puts 'quantum cat' to the test

The New Scientist cover image of a cat fading into ethereality speaks to Jordan’s work exploring a quirk of quantum physics—an oddity that has long been illustrated by a “quantum cat.”

University offers new music service

A partnership with the online media service Ruckus will give students, faculty, and staff a new service to get legal downloads from a library of 2.5 million-plus songs.

Commencement Weekend 2007

This year, the University conferred a total of 2,402 degrees in all its divisions during weekend ceremonies.