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That’s a question Bob Minckley, adjunct professor of biology, is hoping to help answer. He is collecting honeybee samples from New Mexico, looking for clues to the  mysterious colony collapse disorder that has claimed millions of bees. It’s a problem that poses a growing threat to the American agricultural system. Read more.

University surpasses $1.3M United Way goal

By surpassing the $1 million mark, the University joins a select group of local organizations—Kodak, Xerox, Wegmans, and Bausch & Lomb—that received the Award of Excellence during a celebration event on June 22 sponsored by the United Way of Greater Rochester, which also reached its goal this year of raising more than $33.5 million.

Series fosters dialogue on health issues

The Center for Community Health has introduced a new series to examine many of the challenging health issues facing the region.

Riverview offers new student housing option

Construction of the Riverview Apartments, a five-building, 120-unit complex on South Plymouth Avenue near Barton Street, is expected to cost about $25 million, says developer John Yurtchuk.

Engineering for the Americas

Top engineering students from Argentina, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, and Canada, and from Rochester and the University of Miami, gathered for five days on campus in early June for a conference on global enterprises and sustainable energy.

Make the switch from paper to plastic

Employees who are currently receiving paper payroll checks may want to consider making the switch to direct deposit or to a payroll card.

Rochester biologist searches for clues to dwindling honebee population

The phenomenon is known officially as colony collapse disorder, and scientists across the country are looking for clues to why millions of honeybees are dying, examining everything from pesticides to parasites.

On the Hunt for Bugs

Stalking the high grass at the edges of Genesee Valley Park on June 25, a dozen high school teachers swipe nets at insects as part of a four-day program set up by Jack Werren, professor of biology, and doctoral student Michael Clark.

DiPiero aims to bring humanities to forefront in new post

Thomas DiPiero, professor of French and of visual and cultural studies, has been appointed to the newly established post of senior associate dean of humanities in the College.

Get Creative This Summer

For the past 90 years the Memorial Art Gallery has been offering students of all ages a chance to explore their creative sides.

Carillon series features performers from around the globe

The carillon consists of 50 bells that were cast in bronze in 1973 by the Royal Eijsbouts bell foundry of Asten in the Netherlands.

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