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New awards fund multidisciplinary research  
By Katina Antoniades
President Seligman has adopted the recommendations of the Multidisciplinary Advisory Council, creating a $250,000 annual fund and endorsing other initiatives to support faculty research that crosses disciplines, departments, or schools within the University.
“These awards, in conjunction with the University’s other initiatives that support multidisciplinary research, will encourage collaboration and innovation and enable faculty to take their work to new heights,” says Provost Ralph Kuncl, who will administer the new awards. “We are looking forward to reviewing the first group of grant applications this spring.”
To qualify for the Provost’s Multidisciplinary Awards, research may incorporate two or more disciplines within either one or two schools. Proposals will undergo peer review by the Multidisciplinary Fund Review Committee, which is made up of nine faculty members from each of the University’s six schools. The committee will evaluate projects based on their potential benefit to the community, overall significance, innovation, and other characteristics.
Among other materials, grant applications must include a short abstract, proposal, and 12-month budget. (The maximum request for direct costs is $100,000 per proposal.) Applications for the 2008-09 academic year are due to the Provost’s Office by April 15; beginning in 2009, the annual deadline will be April 1.
In addition to the multidisciplinary awards, Kuncl will oversee the institution of the searchable, editable electronic Faculty Research Database (based on a pilot program at the Medical Center), the Phelps Colloquium Series, the University Committee on Interdisciplinary Studies, and other initiatives.
The report of the advisory council, request for proposals, and application form are available on the provost’s Web site at

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