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Parking offers cost-saving options for carpoolers

With gas prices on the rise, carpooling is one way to save money. Parking and Transportation Services recently revised its carpool policies to make the option more convenient for River Campus and Medical Center commuters, including discounts on parking fees and access to Rideshare, a Web site that links compatible carpoolers.

To take advantage of carpool savings, participants must have a registered vehicle and work similar hours. Parking permit discounts are based on the number of people involved in the carpool. For a two-person carpool, the parking fee is reduced by half and split between the two carpoolers. In a three-person carpool, the parking fee assigned to the carpool is one-quarter the typical price, and there is no parking fee for a four-person carpool.

Each rider also receives 24 occasional parking permits to use throughout the year for those times when a carpool ride isn’t practical. The permit allows you to park in your assigned lot, or, in the case where riders are split between campuses, other parking arrangements can be made.

In the case of a verified emergency, University Parking will provide free transportation service to carpool riders. For more details, call 275-4524.

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