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3-D Breakthrough

Vasilis Pavlidis

Engineering student Vasilis Pavlidis ‘08 (PhD), working with Eby Friedman, Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has developed a 3-D computer circuit. Friedman describes it as essentially an entire circuit board folded up into a tiny package. He says the chips inside something like an iPod could be compacted to a 10th their current size with 10 times the speed. Read more.

Bach scholars gather for organ’s debut

When the Eastman School opened its doors in 1921, it housed the largest and most lavish collection of organs in the nation.

$1 million gift funds antiquities gallery

A $1 million gift to the Memorial Art Gallery, one of the largest in its history, from long-time supporter Helen Berkeley will be used to renovate and reinstall the second-floor antiquities gallery.

‘Reading World’ series continues

For students in Ayala Emmett’s Creative Ethnography class, a visit by Croatian writer and exhile Dubravka Ugresic on September 16 was a chance to contemplate the role literature can play in bridging cultural and political rifts.

Healthy Beginnings

Provost Ralph Kuncl, University Health Service Director Ralph Manchester, and President Joel Seligman on September 18 were joined by Lisa Willis, director of the University Counseling Center, Trustee Roger Friedlander ’56, and Ann McMican associate director for administration at UHS, celebrate the grand opening of the University’s Health Service Building on the River Campus.

Study suggests doctors miss opportunities to show empathy

A new study led by Diane Morse, assistant professor of psychiatry and medicine, indicates that doctors sometimes miss opportunities to care for their patients’ emotional wellbeing.

‘Pledge’ honors veterans’ service

Financial barriers will no longer keep veterans from reaching their educational goals, thanks to a new scholarship program at Rochester.

University Honors Holders of Named Professorships

The University honored faculty in a gala ceremony on September 18 to recognize those who hold named professorships or have achieved other distinctions.


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Mortgage program makes homeownership dreams a reality

In the first six months of the program, 14 employees have settled on homes and 147 others have received employment verification letters as they consider their future plans.