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Creative Work in Progress

Andy Bragen

"There is a fun and joy to this process. I’m excited to see where we will end up in April,” says playwright Andy Bragen (above), who has been working this semester with students on a new play commissioned by the University’s International Theatre Program as part of the New Voice Initiative. A free reading of the work-in-progress is planned for December 5 and 6 at Todd Theatre and is open to the public.  The premiere of the finished play is scheduled to open April 23. Read more.

CEIS reports $134.5M economic impact

In another record-breaking year, the University’s Center for Electronic Imaging Systems recently announced it has made a $134.5 million economic impact in New York State in the 2007-08 fiscal year.

Researchers identify key player in HIV dementia

Scientists have unraveled in unprecedented detail the cascade of events that go wrong in brain cells affected by HIV in an ongoing effort to identify a treatment for the condition known as neuroAIDS or HIV dementia. Scientists have observed that a large percentage of HIV patients—perhaps up to half—show evidence of neurologic disease from the virus.

Hypertension: Racial disparity proves deadly

Racial disparity in the control of hypertension contributes to the deaths of almost 8,000 black men and women in the United States annually, according to a first-of-its-kind study by Medical Center researchers..

New orchestra marries music and medicine

Neurosurgeon Webster Pilcher is an avid fan of classical music. So much so that the chair of the Department of Neurosurgery decided about three years ago that he would organize a series of free concerts for faculty and staff at the Medical Center.

Frightful weather? Find out about closures online or by phone

Before you lift a snow shovel, use the University’s Web site or your phone to find out if delays or cancellations will affect your schedule.

Engineer awarded $1.75M to turn biomass into alternative fuels

“It’s an exciting possibility that we may be able to convert biomass we would have otherwise discarded, directly into usable liquid or gas fuel at will,” says Professor David Wu

Warner program encourages girls to ‘get real’ with science

Getting seventh-grade girls excited about science is the idea behind an after-school program at Wilson Foundation Academy led by graduate students at the Warner School of Education. Whether launching model rockets or feeding yeast in the lab, the middle school students are learning to think like scientists and, in the process, they may even discover that science can be fun.

Fellowship supports biologist's speciation work

Daven Presgraves, assistant professor of biology, has won a David and Lucile Packard Foundation fellowship to explore the genetic basis of the origin of species.


A roundup of faculty, staff, and student awards and honors.