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Estrogen linked to hearing

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Rochester researchers in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences—Liisa Tremere, Jin Jeong, and Raphael Pinaud—have found that estrogen affects how sound is processed in the brain. Read more

Salute to grads, dignitaries

Eastman Kodak Company Chairman and CEO Antonio Perez and Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra Music Director Christopher Seaman will receive honorary degrees at Rochester Commencement ceremonies on Sunday, May 17.

‘Doomsday Theorem’ cracks 45-year-old math problem

A team of mathematicians has cracked a 45-year-old problem in mathematics with a solution that was once considered so upsetting to mathematicians’ expectations that it has been nicknamed “The Doomsday Theorem.

Small Changes. Big Impact.

Go Green Pledge—launched for Earth Week—aims for a more sustainable University.

Employee pharmacy debuts

Medical Center facility aims to make prescription-filling more convenient and more affordable for University staff.

Project connects University with its neighbors

As a part of her KEY project, Christelle Domercant '09 examined ways to connect Rochester's Southwest neighborhoods with the University.

HR, Finance department offices on the move

Nearly 100 University employees working in finance and human resources are in the midst of relocating to brand-new office space at Brooks Landing, the growing area of new development near the corner of Brooks Avenue and Genesee Street in southwest Rochester.

Eastman Medals honor visionary physicians

Nobel Prize winner Carola Eisenberg will receive the George Eastman Medal and deliver the School of Medicine and Dentistry’s Commencement address on May 15 in Eastman Theatre.

Witmer/Meloria Awards

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Faculty and Student Honors 2008-09

For a full list of the honorees download your copy.

Commencement 2009 Teaching Awards

For a full list of Awards read more here.

Visual Training Can Teach the Brain to See Again after Stroke

Medical Center study gives new hope to those who suffer blindness after a stroke.

Estrogen controls how brain processes sound

Rochester scientists have discovered that the hormone estrogen plays a pivotal role in how the brain processes sounds.

Topnotch dissertations honored

Works by five graduate students in the Arts, Sciences and Engineering have been selected for the first Outstanding Dissertation Awards.

Funny, outlandish films finish top in Gollin Festival

A “documentary” about a global epidemic of insects undergoing metamorphosis in reverse, a pair of human hands performing perfectly ordinary activities that captures the imagination, and an angst-ridden occultist who literally loses his head while entertaining an unfazed family were the top short films that garnered prizes at this year’s Gollin Film Festival.

Scholars echo Hayden White’s influence

“All stories are fictions,” wrote Hayden White, a professor of history at the University from 1958 to 1968—and considered by many to be one of the most revolutionary thinkers in the humanities in the last 40 years.

Community. Connection. Color.

Traditional Mexican masks, colorful collages, and scenic watercolors adorned the walls, transforming the Whipple Park Community Center into an art gallery during the first Whipple Park Community Art Show.

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