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April 18, 2012

Staff Community Service Award: Carol Tudisco

Carol TudiscoThe Staff Community Service Award was established by President Joel Seligman in December 2007 to honor a University nonmanagement staff member “whose career best exemplifies service to the University or the Greater Rochester community” and that occurred in a capacity outside of their usual assignment. The first award was presented posthumously to Latasha Shaw, a 15-year University employee and an active member of the Service Employees International Union, whose life and service inspired its creation.

Carol Tudisco’s colleagues in the Ambulatory Resource Office have seen firsthand that she is a “caring, competent, reliable, and trustworthy” person.

But they didn’t realize the extent of her dedication to community service outside of the workplace until they read a newspaper article highlighting Tudisco’s longstanding commitment to InterVol, a Rochester-based nonprofit organization that provides medical care and equipment to impoverished areas around the world. Tudisco, a Medical Center employee for 33 years, has volunteered with InterVol for 13 years. Twice a month, for the past 11 years, she has worked with others in the organization to pack donations of medical supplies.

It’s that commitment to the service that earned Tudisco the 2012 Staff Community Service Award. “Carol is a compassionate, talented woman who epitomizes what it means to be devoted and serve a community,” says Leah Gacioch, a consultant with InterVol, in a letter supporting Tudisco’s nomination.

In addition to InterVol, Tudisco quietly shares her time with several other area nonprofits. Through Single Volunteers of Rochester, she has participated in more than 138 events—working with organizations such as the Epilepsy Foundation, Al Sigl Center, Alzheimer’s Association, Ronald McDonald House, Foodlink, Muscular Dystrophy Association, YMCA, Seneca Park Zoo, National Center for Exploited Children, and WXXI.

“Carol’s many hours of service, her dedication and professionalism, and her joyful attitude have contributed to the Single Volunteers of Rochester and to the nonprofits we serve,” adds Mark Covert, volunteer events coordinator for the organization.

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